Friday, September 25, 2009

Really old wagons

Another shot from the 'prototypes I can find' files.

At Founders park they also have an old L1 wagon underframe that someone dug out of a swamp or something. This is quite instructional as its always the bits that you can never see.

Unfortunately I didn't have the measuring tape with me so I couldn't see how long the axles should have been.


woodsworks said...

According to my NZMRG NZR Rolling Stock Data book, the frames must have been 4'7-1/2" or 4'8-1/2" between the solebars, or 11.9mm in NZ120. The later axle boxes stuck out 12" from the inside face of the hornguide, in case you were wondering, earlier axle boxes were probably not much less. I think the problem with the 15mm axles is their diameter - if they were 1mm dia, (very close to scale size) the length would be a lot easier to hide.

Motorised Dandruff said...

I'll have to get the measuring tape out (and get some more beer...).

I still think that the shorter axles are the way to go. the problem with longer axles is that you still have to hide the length inside the axlebox which is nat an easy thing to do.

woodsworks said...

I agree. I shall give some of my Romford wheelsets the chop and report back forthwith.