Thursday, September 17, 2009

Couplers mk 2

I've been doing a wee bit more work on my non working NZR couplers and have come up with a mk 2 prototype for 4 wheeled wagons.

This is designed to fit into the Trackgang coupler pocket. again, no high tech moving parts, but I have included the brake hose on the side. Not sure if I can add sidechains as well. The head of the coupler is still on the big side, but it still looks OK from 2'

I have to do a bit of thinking about adapting this for bogie wagons, maybe by using the base of the Trackgang knuckle coupler and attaching the head to the end in place of the knuckle.

Also, does anyone have a good local source of the Microtrains coupler range or do I have to go overseas?


worzel said...

I've previously purchased a bulk pack of unassembled MT couplers and assembly jig at Kelmarna Loco Depot in New Lynn, Auckland.

lalover said...

Looks to me as though you really want to work in a bigger scale!

Motorised Dandruff said...

No, I'm pretty sure i don't quite honestly. having said that I've been looking at some of the pictures I've been taking again at their actual size, not just whatever the 'pooter' decides it likes at the time the file gets opened, and its scary looking at my models that big. Its like looking at some of the 1970's and 80's S scale models.