Thursday, September 24, 2009

The only railway I've got

I wandered down to Founders today to take some photos (and buy some more beer, their special brew is drinking very well, pity I got the last of it:v). Previous visits to the railway to get detailed photos of the ballast wagons had been thwarted as they were parked on a siding surrounded by trees. Today they were parked in front of the station. Just as an experiment I paced off 120' and took a picture. Well, it was probably only 110', the extra would have put me in the duck pond.
"Could someone please move that Pukeko?"

I've always liked the look of the Yb as a wagon, and have one I assembled 15 years ago from the bottom part of a resin Yc hopper. However today I could compare them both side by side, and while I didn't take any pictures for comparison, the Yc hopper is about 6" larger all round. The underframe is going to be a bit more difficult to make as well as its all channel and very small. and then there's all the brake gear which is very immodestly displayed for all to see.

Maybe I'll just have to make do with a set of Yc's for a ballast train.

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