Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Sorry but its overdue.

Its been well over a week since the last guards van post, so its well overdue for another one. I've got one of the vans on its 'feet' and have done a bit of painting. This van is going to be a plough van so will be a bit more paint worn. therefor its just got one layer of paint which is giving it a nice pinkish tinge.

this was a bit difficult to get to run OK as for some odd reason the wheels would lock up running one way when pushed along the track, but this little problem could not be replicated when it was upside down being investigated. I therefore was forced to cut out a bit more plastic underneath to accommodate the wheels beyond what I had already removed. no idea what was going on but it has worked.

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worzel said...

Man, you've gotta have either a lot of trains or a lot of guards. Perhaps a train off to a guards convention?