Monday, October 01, 2012

Going bush VI

Right, back to the shed.

I got tired of looking at the expanse of white and so decided it was time to throw a bit of colour around. The end result is this.

Its a start, and I can now start blending in the surfaces to make it a bit less layery. I can see I need to make another moonlight raid to get some more road gravel for my patented west coast river bed making method. Then tehres all the bushy bits to add on top, which will hide a multitude of sins. First up will be the cliff face, which currently looks like....

Cake anyone?


lalover said...

Hmmm Gateau!

Anonymous said...

Looking very nice!

BTW that photos link there's more being posted regularly so keep checking, and recently included some loggy/bushy stuff you may be interested in. SteveF

West Side Chicago Dentist said...

This is great makes me want to get back into building.