Saturday, October 06, 2012


This was going to be a morning post but it seems that daylight savings has finally caught up with me.

I received in the post yesterday some more rail joiners and so this week I'll make a start on the track work.

Given the burst of layout building this last week, I've also been thinking about layout choices in general. I'm a great fan of large 'trains lost in the scenery' type layouts. However my experiences with my bush tram layout (which I must give a name) have got me wondering 'have I missed something?
If I had worked on smaller layouts I may well have got a wider variety of modeling done. primarily at the moment I do rolling stock and track. I'm at a bit of a loss on how to proceed into buildings and ground cover. The bush tram has been a bit of fresh air as I'm just firing on and solving problems as they occur. Maybe its because I feel I don't have quite so much emotionally invested in it if things don't quite go to plan. Contrast this with Paekakariki, a mammoth undertaking. Modeling a well known spot has a certain level of expectation that you are going to get things correct. I'm also not 100% confident about my track making skills at the moment either. Will the track last 10 years or so? will it last if I ballast it tomorrow. i its ballasted how easy will it be to repair? All wee things that hover at the back of my mind. With the bush tram I'm not overly worried about any of this.

Also, as a question, how many of us are off to Railex, and how many modules will we have?


Anonymous said...

Two modules are under construction at our place and we expect to have them completed and at RailEx. The base forms are complete and painted; just have to stick vegetation and gravels on and install some fences and completed bridges.


Grant M said...

Kerosine creek will be there again. My NZ120 (3 Mile Bush) diaorama is still under construction hope to have it at a show in 2013.

Anonymous said...

Grant - looking forward to seeing Kero Creek again, again :-) I never tire of looking at such a magnificent piece of work. A masterpiece in fact.

MD - will you be having Paekok there too? Would love to see its progress in the flesh.

These are two layouts that are giving me great inspiration (and aspiration!) for when I finally get a into g for a layout. SteveF

Motorised Dandruff said...

Paekok is nowhere near being allowed out. theres probably 12-18 months work before I'd be willing to take it on the road again. possibly for the 2014 convention.