Thursday, October 04, 2012

Going Bush VIII

Cutting & gluing & carving & smearing continues a pack out in the Man-sion.

First up the gorge scene. Added tonight was the last of the scenic break and more of the magic filler. Its not perfect but tidier than any of the alternatives. I've found a good way to apply it is with a large artists brush. seems to work (for me) better than a spatula.

I also started on the second scene, 7 mile camp. More messy carving and adding the back scene formers. The track is (again) just to show what the track plan will be like.

And finally heres the overview of the other side of the module (the one away from the NZR).

The left hand scene is not quite the way I had envisaged it, but it is very hard not to overestimate just how much space you have to do things. The far left will be the fiddle yard and the mill siding from the NZR station on the other module.

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Anonymous said...

Where do the MMW module ends connect to this?