Friday, October 05, 2012

Chasing Trains Wahoo

Further to the research into a prototype for the new turning modules for the Micro Model World end plates we stopped at Taihape station to check out the public facilities and I remembered 0-4-4-0T talking about using this station as the location for the 3 track curved yard.
Yard looking south 

Bridge in the background would from the scenic back at one end of the yard. Nice and easy to build the over head as well

 Yard looking north 

On the way to Waiouru we come across a freight heading north with an interesting mix of locos on the front
Guess the diesels were just hitching a ride north. Watched it cross the northern explorer at Waiouru.


0-4-4-0T said...

I had been thinking of the Kiwi Rd bridge at the north end of the yard at one end of the module scene (all three tracks go under that bridge, the Kaka Rd bridge at the end of the yard straight (as shown in your photo) and the State Highway 1 bridge would be at the far end of the module scene around 90 degrees of corner.

The three tracks would then continue on out of sight beyond the SH1 bridge and merge and join up with the single track entry point of the module north of the Kiwi Rd bridge.

Fortunately, it's Cabbage, not me, who is working out how to do the wiring so that we can all run our trains through the modules and around the turning loop without having to give a moment's thought about the automatic change of polarity on the main line through the modules. Trains will not even have to slow down as they go around. Thanks Cabbage, it really is much appreciated!

0-4-4-0T said...

Silly me. Of course if one has the power feeds on the balloon side of the first point of each of the turning balloons and the power to main line through the modules runs off those, then the polarity reversal problem fixes itself. The first points of each turning balloon just need to be (conceptually) insulfrog and linked so that they both change at the same (easiest if they are motorised). Points further into the turning balloons don't need to be motorised.
The whole system just needs one switch to change the points.