Saturday, October 13, 2012

Attack of the meringue's

Time to come up with something clever to make vast tracts of the NZ bush.

Mr Bond had previously had a go with expanding foam, but I figured I could do better. armed with a can of gorilla expanding foam, after a couple of goes it all sort of came together.

'Ahh, they are for your lives!'
After beating them off with a paint brush loaded with dark green paint, its starting to look better. There are some bits that I can't reach with the brush, and I'll have to sort out how to do that.

 Next step will be to use different coloured flocks to represent different trees. I'll also add some larger trees and tree ferns.

I also had a go at the log camp scene but ran out of foam. I also discovered that its not a great smear type filler as it goes to a horrible glue, but keeps expanding. Good and bad points, but it is easy to sort out with a knife.

And last week, someone asked how the layout was going to fit into the wider scheme of minimodules.

Here is the start of the second module.The NZR station will sit on this edge on a curve, with the start of the bush tram at the back and the siding off to the sawmill offstage at the right.

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Anonymous said...

nice, didn't know that you are into 'grass juice'