Sunday, October 14, 2012

Sunday layout idea

Came across this in my searches for another loco project that will push the boundaries of sanity.

The Milton lime and cement works. Click here for the hi-res zoom-able original

And another collection well worth a look

A collection of bush tram/ logging photos.
I've found this collection very interesting as i know the area quite well having fished the lower Pelorus river quite often when I was in Nelson.


Anonymous said...

Wow the The Milton lime and cement works photo LOOKS like a photo of a model.

Andrew Hamblyn said...

The Brownlee operation is of particular interest to me as my Wife's Great Grandfather drove one of Brownlee's steam lokeys on their bush tram in the Havelock area. Also of interest is that the access road from the main road to the family farm is built on the formation of one of the Brownlee tramway branches.
During recent work on one of the river culverts some sleepers and rails were discovered buried beneath the road!

We have spent some time in the Rai Valley and followed the railway formation from the valley through to the old sawmill site at Blackball.

If anyone is interested, there is an old steam engine preserved outside the Havelock museum that used to run on the line, and the archives section at Brayshaw Park in Blenhiem has gobs of info and pictures pertaining to the Brownlee tram and sawmill.


Amateur Fettler said...

I nominate Drew to become the resident expert....

MaverickNZ said...

I grew up near Springcreek in Marlborough. I need to learn more about the log tramways that were in the area.
I'ts a shame that the line between Blenheim and Nelson was never built as from Blenheim to Rai Valley its pretty flat and easy.

beaka said...

WOW! another Marlburian??? Hi Maverick. I spent my first 17yrs in Blenheim and left in 1974 during my last year at Marlborough Boy's College. Great area, but i never got into history back then.
I worked for a fella with an orchard in Tauranga many years ago and his family (Brother?)had a farm in the Rai Valley. His surname was Young and he would have been in his 60's then which is about 10yrs ago.
Haven't been back to Brayshaw park in years. I remember the early days when it had not long opened. I was more interested in Canvastown than Havelock when we lived in Blenheim. Gold fever as a youngster ,i think!