Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fooled me...

Saturday afternoons modeling session started with the forced eviction of an interloper who obviously couldn't tell the difference between the New Zealand bush and my highly detailed (though incomplete) replica.

'Looks like it might be a bit harder to shift than Hone'
'Seems to have the right number of legs left'
 I'm happy to say that it is now enjoying the exotic delights of an old woodpile behind the garage in the company of its mate who I found trying to bum a lift to work in the back of the car on Friday morning.
This incident has now added 'Weta creek' to a list of possible names for this scene.

With that out of the way, I decided to have a crack at highlighting the Cliff faces. This was done by dry brushing shades of grey starting with a mid grey and working up to a light grey. I will still have to to a wash of dilute black to add the shadows to it, and then glue on some foliage.

The only problem is that it now screams 'bad wargaming terrain!' at me when I look at it. I may as well be playing warhammer.


Andrew Hamblyn said...

Just think of the fun you could be having - running a Cb with log bogies round into the cutting and BAM and Mech drops down from the cliff and starts laying waste with its rocket launchers...


Weta Creek sounds great IMHO, despite the creatures causing me to suffer temporary loss of bladder functions.


Glen Anthony said...

At least it wasn't a mouse living inside your tunnel eating the paper mache hill out from the inside - I remember that as a kid. And the outside of the layout being trashed by the cat sitting on it looking in the tunnel entrance.

Rock faces always do look a disaster half way through building them. But once all the finishing touches and colours go on they seem to come right. Could it use a little more variation in texture in a couple of places to break it up? It all seems very smooth and uniform. And maybe some vertical waterfall run lines in a couple of places? Then once you get some subtle colour variations on it, and a hint of bush in places it will be up to your normal great looking result. :-)