Saturday, September 29, 2012

Saturday Morning

Well, a bit of a slow week here. Real life intruded in the form of a reorganisation at work last week. Fortunately it was not of the 'fight to the death for remaining positions' kind but there was some jockeying for the new slots until the dust settled. Upshot is that we are all pretty much where we thought we would be, and there are more staff to be hired (and scientists no less). Try finding that in a firm in this country at the moment.

OK, so back to things railways. first up there is a request from Ben.

I am wondering if you might post a comment on the blog about ex-QR auckland SX cars and if anyone wants a set ...if some were etched?  They would be as they looked on the Queensland Rwys (i think Maxx later did something to the doors on the Auckland set, not sure if they had any other changes for NZ service other than that). 
The guy interested in doing them is in the 3mm Society and is doing the Thai ones and doesn't mind doing the QR ones, and they could be shot down from 1:101.6 to 1:120 easily.
Coincidentally this quarters  railfan has a photo spread on the Auckland suburban lines (I would say again, but until they start building something else then its the only game in town. There is a couple of photos of the SX set which runs as a push-pull between a pair of DBR's. Again, I ponder why someone doesn't give modeling the Auckland  region in modern image. Phere is plenty of different themes to look at. Maybe when MMW does the double tracked version of the mini me modules we mights look into it. 

Second up there was a link posted on the NZ railchat group that I'll add. Its mostly kettles in the south island, but has some great stuff from the 1960's for those of us with more nostalgic leanings. theres a also some US and Ozzie stuff as well. 

Finally a small preview of the next couple of posts concluding our trip to the far north, including questioning the official plans at Opua

And the oddest load you will ever see on a flat wagon in this country.

'Wow, I must have been hammered last night. can't remember where I put the boat'


beaka said...

looks like something from Rhys Darby ad. look its a rail houseboat! It also might be a mini ARK and they are not sure if it will float, so are hedging their bets.classic!

weeduggie said...

you ****** dudes - thats the personal marine transport of the designer of the iconic toilets on Kawakawa'a main street, one Friedrich Hunterwasser.

Intention is to restore it to full operation

lalover said...

Full rail operation???

Yes modelling Aucks modern image is good fun, more people should try it!