Monday, September 03, 2012

Going Bush IV

More bush tramming. First up, what you are looking for in a Rhododendron tree to supply scale logs.

'Size and cat are optional'

I also spent some time pondering track layouts and have come up with a major rejig, which I'll work on in the next week or so. One of the big questions that I've been thinking about is how deep/high should the river gorge be. The options are 60mm......

And 120mm

The Judge decided that 120mm was the way to go, as I want the trains to be completely dwarfed by the scenery. I've glued 2 pairs of sheets together with Gorilla glue and once this dries I'll get on with terraforming. once tahts done then I'll get the trackbed sorted.

Oh, and with impendng holidays the number of weekends is shrinking quickly before the hutt show, and I have to have something sorted by then.

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Cabbage said...

Yep have to agree with the 120mm gorge to dwarf the trains
The trees will add to the height but I guess you're going to cut a few of them down to
How do you plan on shaping the styrene??
We had issues with hot wire cutting and glued joints
One thing I have found out this week from the guys in Hamilton is to use hot glue for the styrene that way the hot wire just melts it when it gets to it and the hot glue set fast
Will have to try some experiments