Saturday, September 01, 2012

Saturday morning

Well, with the engineering work on the bush tram moving into full swing, things on the large layout have stayed on the back burner. Even so, I've made a bit more progress.

Moving on with the module alignment project, I purchased some decent hinges. After a bit of a fight I managed to remove the pins. I then filed the ends down so that could get the damn things out easier next time without the application of quite so much brute strength.

So, here they are in place and I've cut the rails as well. This should work OK. A test run with the Ed's shows that they no longer run across the module joins like a drunken sailor on shore leave. Long may it stay that way.

On another tack I've been doing some more thinking about tramways for some odd reason. Just a few track plan sketches, maybe something more concrete in a few weeks.


beaka said...

I am impressed with the hinge idea and will have a try with my own modules. do you still use dowels ,etc to lock the modules together?

Rab said...

I have not taken my pressure tube/ wing nut bolts out yet, but we will wait and see how the hinges go. the Wellington 9mil layout seems to work fine for 25 odd years with them so my semi permanent home layout should be fine.