Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Up North II

Bit of a change in order today. I was ging to cover the far north, but instead we get the trip home first.

We start our day in Hamilton, an odd city if ever there was one. It sort of feels half finished (and I've discovered that mobile phone predictive text does not do sh*thole. Maybe its 2 words?). Anyway, the trip begins and I'm on the hunt for the bush tramway club in Rotowaro. The only problem is that I'm hunting in Te Awamutu (just don't ask, OK?). After this cock up is revealed, we decide to just head home rather than backtracking 60km. At Taumaranui we come across a twin Ef freight train going south.

And with crys of 'We're train chasing, baby!' (accompanied by stares which prompt the turning up of the car heater less I freeze under the icy stare from the lady of the house) we are off. Handing the camera over to the co-pilots seat and winding down my window we get the following shots.

'Not bad at 100 km'
Not to be outdone I have a go while driving at 70 km, with less than spetacular results.

'Kids, don't try this at home, its a bad idea'
Further south at Pinaka a stop gives these views. I'd cut down some trees but I don't have Mr Bonds gardening skills, or arms 20' long.


The next stop is Raurimu. I assume that the viewing platform will give me a decent view. It does, but is crap for photos. My repositioning manages to miss the train on the first pass, but never fear, you get another bite at the cherry here.

On to the next stop, the Makatote Viaduct. Again, the sun is in the wrong place, but thats never stopped me before.

We lose this train after Horopito. However further south we catch up with 'Dora' running a bit late.

Despite a quick departure from Taihape, we don't catch up with this train before Utiku (15 minutes), and the days chasing comes to an end as we head for home.

This day gave me pause to think about the dynamics of chasing modern trains. In the good old days, when everything pottered along at 50 km, and shunted every other stop, it must have been relatively easy to move to the next position, climb a tree, and line up the shot. Nowdays, with freights belting along at 80-90km its a far more difficult proposition unless one is very well organised.


Anonymous said...

Nice and modern. When will Trackgang have kits for the EFs, Zhs, and the new Tranz Scenic cars?

Amateur Fettler said...

My apologies....I didnt realise I had to preface my instructions on how to get to Pukemiro with "Starting from Huntly..."

Motorised Dandruff said...

And turning right at the KFC in Te Awamutu gets you to a dead end street in the burbs!