Friday, September 14, 2012

Going bush (for the next week)

Well, still busy at work, and just winding down to the first holiday this year. I have however had a chance to have a bit of a hack with the foam. its no fun to work with, and if I was working inside the lady of the house would have some words to say. Some of possibly more than 4 letters.

Anyhoo, heres where we are up to.

This is a combination of charming creek and the Ongarue tram.

Looking the other way

The railtruck heads up the valley. there will be a scenic break along the purple line at the back, and the line will vanish round a corner into a tunnel off to the left.

When I get back I'll get some plaster and do the hillside and riverbed.


Glen Anthony said...

Love the scale of it. Train dwarfed amoungst the big bush scenery. You should be able to get some great photos on it when finished.

sxytrain said...

Enjoy 'going bush' for a week.

beaka said...

gotta love that railtruck.looking great!

Kiwibonds said...

love it!

Cabbage said...

Don't use plaster!!!

Use one of the super light premixes available
Woodland scenics has one called foam putty but it is not cheap
Found a similar premix at Mega 10 called red devil for half the cost
Also tried making our own from the poly bubble waste and paint
In fact paint is actually really good for sealing the poly get the shape right with rasp and sandpaper then just paint it

beaka said...

I saw a new product demo on you tube recently. stuff is called Fusion Fiber and here is the link to video. you do not require any glue for the material or the scenic material applied after, just wet water!probably not available here yet.

Anonymous said...

Looks great

Yes I agree about no plaster. Heavy and fragile, and I've gone right off it except for rock castings made extremely thin by scooping out of the moulds before it sets. Had to scrap all the scenery except some rock castings, off the layout after the shift due to its weight and fragility. But then I want new and better so not such a loss.

That red devil sounds interesting. I'm going to buy a can of builders expanding foam as it's light and smooth and looks like it will be easy to carve for cliff faces etc over the cardboard lattice/gluepaper scenery I'm building. Need to prejudge how much to squirt though- could end up with a manawatu gorge re-creation.
Now thats an idea for an exhibition layout...


Cabbage said...

The stuff is made by Red Devil and is called One Time you'll find it in the premix fillers in the paint section by the litre its $29
You'll know you have the right thing when you pick it up as it feels like it's empty

Andrew Hamblyn said...

The module looks superb!! Well done!

I have used Red Devil fillers and pre-mixes on household projects for years - I swear by it and would highly recomend it. It can be smoothed and thinned (and cleaned up) with water and has a very fine texture.

Never thought to use it on layouts though....


Anonymous said...

Whole lot of good advice here in Model Railroad hobbyist magazine about carving rocks in the foam: