Sunday, September 23, 2012

Up North I

Well, back from our week break, and the occupants of Schloss dandruff ventured to the far north.
First up, Some huge place that's full of roads and cars. However as we were (again) not far from Newmarket, I was able to do some train spotting on the way out to dinner each night.

First up another overbridge that runs parallel to the main road.

From this overbridge we can look up the track to the first station on the North Auckland line which is just round the corner. We even get 2 trains and a level crossing with a difference.

Nice bit of clag as well.
 And as I position myself for a out of direct sunlight the sun, The photography gods conspire against me once more by cruelly changing the crossover

Thus endith part 1 of our trip photos. Coming up, as far north as it gets railway wise, and a day out on the main trunk.

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