Saturday, January 30, 2010

Woo Hooo

Yesterday the package from the 2mm association turned up. It took several high alcohol Belgian beers to calm the inner finescaler. Theres a stack of info to work through, and a private Yahoo group as well that I'l have to digest. Theres even some people on it who are working in US and European N gauge fine scale. I now just have to sort through the lists and come up with an initial order for wheels and underframes.

Just to comment further on the modules post earlier in the week. There seems to be some questions of hand laid track vs commercially available mass produced items in terms of reliability. There is a sizable amount of evidence from the English exhibition circuit that this is not the case. Well made track should not have any reliability problems worse than that of commercial items, and most running problems tend to stem from the rolling stock. That said I'm also well aware that poorly laid track will kill any project deader than a dead thing. I think that the experience I've had helping make S scale trackwork will help quite a lot, as I've seen some of the pitfalls that can possibly turn up.

I'm either going to be right or wrong with this.


ben scaro said...

Welcome to the 2mm Association. My other main intersest is 1:160 finescale 5'3" gauge . . . 10mm track. Long term project, but being a member there has been invaluable.


Amateur Fettler said...

Hush Ben, You'll get him all excited! Broad gauge indeed....