Friday, January 29, 2010

Railfanning Moana

DB says: I was passing Moana in the Mini a few months back when the scanner blurted into life. Whoa Nellie! 180 time!

Approaching the station, the light was glinting nicely off a slowing train's HLC tarpaulins so I thought I'd stop at the southern end of town and take a shot. As often happens, I didn't manage to catch what I'd hoped for (but we can file that away for another expedition), and instead managed to snap a couple of other decent shots.

Here old DX 5448, which has been waiting for a year or more to get a Tranz Rail logo, and DC4939 head eastwards away from Moana with their train, carrying primarily the produce of Reefton.
That train ended up crossing another at Jacksons, so I scooted into another position up on the goods shed to record westbound DCP 4559 and DFT 7132 for posterity. The real 4559 has since been KiwiRailed.There's nothing like a nice day out in the sun and scenery chasing trains eh?

p.s. I'm sure you know this already, but clicking on the pictures in this blog will open them up full-size. These two are 1024 pixels wide, ideal for most computer wallpapers.


sxytrain said...

Very nice!

Glen Anthony said...

While the rest of us mere mortal railfans are left on the ground trying to balance on the top of fence posts etc to get a bit of height, along comes DB in a helicopter again and grabs another winning photo 100 times better than the rest of us.

Nice one DB!

Andrew Hamblyn said...

Maggie wants to know where the model of the Staionhouse Cafe is???


Very nice DB


beaka said...

I think this scene still needs a NZ120 scale mini somewhere to finish it off. perhaps a burnt out version which has been shunted into a ditch by a local freight.
word verification word of the day-
PUZESSE-is this the plural form of cat or something else?

Kiwibonds said...

Thanks all. A helicopter would be stupidly expensive. All you need is a loooong pole.

I do have plans for a mini at some stage...! Then I'd just need a model of the AA brakedown man and the scene would be perfect...