Saturday, January 30, 2010

Layout ideas

Its been a while since the last layout/station idea. Todays is Ranfurly.

This station was approximately 1/2 way between Dunedin and Cromwell on the Otago central branch, and was a crossing point, as well as having a small locomotive depot. It was also the main station for the Maniototo plain with a sizable amount of farm traffic in and out. The loco depot was novel in that it had a coal loading ramp, which dominated the surrounding area (being quite flat).

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manaia said...

nice to see a peace of my history as my father and grandfather workon the track gang there in the erly 1970s when I was born. After my grandfather retired we cort the railcar to go and see my grand perants in south Otargo until 1976,After that date the Bus was not as good.
I remember seeing a DJ go to the turntable and turn arond, back then being 3 or 4 I thorght it went to the railway crossing and did a thee point tern (funny A) ,my father got a job with raod services and we mooved to CHCH.
In the 90s i went to Dunedin and got a aerial photo if the place the good old days.