Thursday, January 28, 2010


As I've said before with hand laying track, one can't just go approaching it willy-nilly as one would when one is using Peco track and points. Suddenly you have to think about things like centerlines and radii and track spacings until your head hurts and you have to have a lie down. The main problem is that I keep looking at the loco depot and wonder how it will all work/fit in. The southern and eastern sides/ends of the station are fine as they are just straight lines mostly with some connecting curves, and only have the station platform to dodge. I'm going to have to mock up the engine depot bits (coaling/oil stage, shed, water tower etc) and see just what I can get to fit in once they are down.

"How long is this going to be in my living room?"

On the plus side, I was reading an old copy of Railfan last night, and it appears that it was reasonably common for steam locos to bank trains south ' under the wires' to Pukerua bay. More 'quirky' operational interest.


Glen Anthony said...

Good luck hand laying that many points in such a tight space, AND getting them all perfect and reliable enough for exhibition running! You are braver than me!

I'd be planning on putting Pecos in for the critical mainline points, and start by hand building the less critical siding ones.

If you can get the sidings to work OK, (and you still have any hair left LOL!), then carry on and do the main line ones.

The last thing you want is a layout the looks great but doesn’t run. They are call dioramas, and tend to be less popular at train shows. LOL.

Glen Anthony

beaka said...

I would be tempted to use the newish range of code 55 points from atlas. they look superb and are set up for powering the frog with a switch for smooth power supply.more than a class or two above their crap range of code 80 points. no more stalling locos as on pecos. they have a no 10 point which would look lovely on the mainline if you have the space.no5 or no 7's for yard.
Interesting words they come up with for the blog -word verification area before posting a comment. FEMICH - just as well there is no T.

Motorised Dandruff said...

OK so there are plenty of pluses for using ready made points, The main problem I have is that they have no location flexibility, and they don't look quite right (oh, and the cost of 20 odd points as well). Also, I'd point out that there are quite a few layouts running on the local exhibition circuit in all 3 scale s(7mm, 4mm and 2mm) that have hand laid track and seem to function perfectly well, despite the far more rigorous demands placed upon them. I'm sure I can somehow manage to make my own track that looks good and works under hard conditions.