Monday, July 01, 2013

Putting the Mockers on it....

Am_Fet writes:

With the threat of an impending public showing of Patea in its bare bones state, I got my skates on and spent a few hours during the week calculating the building dimensions from the pictures I had taken from a past visit.

Monday evening was set aside for a go at mocking up the buildings with whatever materials we could lay our hands on in the shortest period of time.  First up, tonights surprise guest:  An etched MMW OM wagon, complete with a piece of aluminium representing the tank:

So, without further ado, Cabbage and I leapt in with scalpels slashing and after a seemingly never ending supply of different materials, we had this:

I was slightly surprised how unimposing the buildings were and how they lacked some height when seen from this viewing angle.  However, the join between the backdrop and the baseboard is hidden behind all of the buildings (even the low one at the right) and we should be able to hide the rest with scenery.  Of course, this will look infinitely different once the backdrop is done and the final building added.

Here are the "buildings" in close up showing how we cut, hacked and ripped anything we could lay our hands on to get the general shape of each of the buildings in the complex.

And of course, this is how its supposed to look, as viewed from the cab of a passing DXB (apologies for the wiper blade...Doh!)

Finally, here are another couple of pics of the OM.  Cabbage has said its a low priority job to complete as there arent enough crazies to make it viable, so I might have to wait a while to do train 547 for the layout (I only really need 8).

"Hang on, let me just straighten it...." (graunch)  "Thats better..."


Kiwibonds said...

Get Drew to snap some side on shots while passing, correct the perspective in PS, print them out on a laser printer, throw down some ballast and you'll be ready for your first public screening!

Todays captcha is "ofesticl" I'm sure one could have some fun with that. Oh no! I've been ostracised!

Michael said...

How good would double Kiwirail DXB's and a rake of OM's look on 'Patea'. Can't wait to see that!

Amateur Fettler said...

Ha! Oddly enough I'm booked to visit on the 10th so lots of pics will be snapped for that very reason.

As for Mikes wishes for twin DXB's....I'm sorry but the plan calls for a DFB/DXB combo, and one of those will be a patched vomit bonnet!