Monday, July 15, 2013

Gadzooks! We're Credible!

Am_Fet writes:

Its interesting that whenever I think of "our" scale, I always get the impression that we are a minor side shoot lagging well behind the major juggernaughts of S and 9mm.....almost like the poorer and significantly smaller cousin.

Cabbage however, seems to have different ideas.  He quite frequently proclaims in a loud voice on street corners to startled passers-by that Nz120 is the scale of the future.  Sure, I snigger, and make rude pointing gestures towards him behind his back....

NO MORE......After todays wee episode I am truly a convert.

This morning this got placed on my desk with the question "Can you make it go?"

"Its....a box", I retorted, quoting Woody from Toy Story.

"No, can you make whats in the box go?"

So....what I have in my hot little hands is a factory built 1:87 scale DL made entirely from brass.  To make it move under its own power will require the sourcing of a self contained power bogie....investigations are not just continuing, they have yet to start.

And the reason?  Unless you missed it (I know I have), apparently rail in NZ is 150 years old this year.  To celebrate this milestone, KiwiRail are putting together a display train of old to tour the parts of the country the tracks still reach, and one of the display containers will include moving model trains.  I've been told the shopping list (to match the DL and Frateschi DX's) is for 10 container wagons, 10 log wagons and 10 milk wagons......

.....And this is when I thought "Where are we going to find those in HO?  It would be so much easier in nz120...."


Its a pity theyve already decreed Nz120 to be too small for the display.  But even if you moved up to S for display you couldnt do it.  Your minimum radius would screw things for a start (I think we're already overstepping our bounds with a 600mm radius) and then once you factored in 2 DX's ($500 a pop) followed by 10 container wagons (thats another $400 without even trying) youd be well on the way to bankruptcy and the display train would end up consisting of a life size cutout of Jim Quinn on a Hi Railer....with a flag...

Take it as gospel....Nz120 IS the best scale to model modern image.  And I think we can all be proud that we've played a part in that.


Anonymous said...

Well, where ARE you going to get all those in HO? Can Manaia come to the rescue? Most of his HO is a bit early to put behind DL's.

0-4-4-0 said...

Mark's Model Works does container wagons in any scale (IAs and a couple of UKs for this project). FE log wagons can be run off using MMW UK container wagon bogies. The harder job is the OM wagons, which are still in development - these may need to be scratch built by someone.

NZ120 said...

Nice DL! If you dont get a powered bogie running someone could be employed to simply push the loco around?

But HO... How Ordinary is that? :P

Amateur Fettler said...

I disassembled it today, adn i can honestly say its going to be a right Ar$e to motorise. A purchased power bogie (such as black beetle) will add almost 50% onto the height, Hollywood Foundry will require us to sell one actual DL to be able ot fund the model and i dont think we can find a proprietry chassis that will fit. The biggest headache is the pinch points in behind the cab, even more cut out than a Da loco.

Anonymous said...

do the DLs go now? Could put a DC in front and use it to pull a failed DL as per the real thing. That saves finding a motor bogie