Wednesday, July 10, 2013

Just Visting

Amfet passed through last night on his was to the 'Naki' to photograph Patea.
While here there were a few discussions (apparently Dc's are now being stopped for very weak reasons, similar to K's being stopped in the 1960's for broken boiler sight glasses).
There was also some playing on Paekakariki, with experiments in driving 2 locos at once, then 2 locos coupled together without being Mu'ed to each other. This lead to the genisis of what could be a great game for next years convention.
After collecting a couple of loco chassis, I finally had to drop him off at the loco depot about 11 pm.2 Dls were in the yard, which makes me wonder how long the Dc class has to run in the wild (and not in captivity on Auckland subbies)


Anonymous said...

I understand the DBR's, DFB's and DFT's will be the first ones to go extinct. A few DC's need to hang around as the DL's dally around too much with a 80 km/hour max allowable speed. As all DX's must go to South Island, DC's need to stay to run all passenger trains on unelectrified lines.

Amateur Fettler said...

Definitely the DBR's and DFT's are on borrowed time (at least here, the DFT's will find a new home overseas probably) but we will hold onto 10 of the DFB's. Still not sure about the DC's, they are stopping 9 by the end of this year and it looks liek natural attrition alone will allow that.