Thursday, July 25, 2013

On Display

From and other spots some photos of the Taupo show from the weekend.

'Look apon my works and dispair, ye modelers of inferior scales!'
Peter attempts to convert the heathens to modeling in a decent scale.
(more photos here)

'Thank you for purchasing your DCC system, we hope you will spend many happy hours trying to understand the instructions...'
Beakaboy in a quiet moment, deciding which train to run next.
(more photos here)

The Next show on the list is the Wairarapa show on the weekedn of the 10/11 of August At teh Masterton town hall. Marks model works and assorted hangers on will be there. No NZ 120 layout planned to be there unless my modeling mojo seriously fires itself up in the next 2 weeks.

And in other 1:1 scale news, The Standard Railcar made the trip from Pahiatua to Napier and back.
On my list of things to be built.


beaka said...

thankyou Herr Druff for your comments.I feel the photo of myself should read " great,i am sure no one has noticed that i brought the TV remote instead of the DCC controller"
Deciding which train to run-priceless! My modern cab DG was the only DCC train on the layout. Russ had both main lines with separate bus wires and no rail connection between them, so we could run DCC and DC alongside each other.

Rab said...

We have obviously missed a great opportunity for a photo caption competition.

beaka said...

I have a video to upload on you tube shortly. I feel it would be a great opportunity to have a guess the voice in the background competition!

Am_Fet said...

Priceless caption for Peters picture!

Motorised Dandruff said...

As an extention on Bekaboys, I'll go with 'Russel, this is the TV remote...',
Or, 'Hmmm, no trains running, but the Hall doors keep opening and closing...'

NZ120 said...

Ha, for bekaboys, "what does replace user and press retry mean?" :P

beaka said...

LOL! I think Peter got a zap from the Dalek as it moved past his table.(see start of my Dalek video on you tube)