Sunday, July 14, 2013

Sunday Family Movie

Am_Fet writes:

Yet again, the rabid foamer community has come up trumps....maybe their habit of pointing cameras at everything that moves (and most of the things that dont) might not be so annoying after all.  Case in Point:  Already this morning the foamer jungle drums are beating as news comes out that 2 DL's will be running light up Westmere.......and I fail to see the point.  In a few months you wont be able to move without falling over fact, I'd be more inclined to record DC and DXB movements.....

Whoops, let me dismount from my hobby horse...there.....Wow, everyone looks so much taller from down here....

While the Patea layout is progressing, planning is still moving forward on the Castlecliif layout made from MMW fact, I might even post some of my scribbles this week to put the latest design thoughts up for debate.

I did come across this gem however, and it shows quite well one of the movements the Castlecliff Line will support.  Here are "The Twins" (1267+1200) coming back from the terminus with a rake of containers.

As stated previously, working around this service will be the DSG and DSC shunt teams servicing the local warehouses and industries, of which the Castlecliff has (or did have) squillions.


0-4-4-0T said...

No train end monitor. Does that mean they were shunting?
When the DBR's get scrapped, will DL's have to do movements like these, or are some smaller double-cabbed engines planned at some stage?

Motorised Dandruff said...

So, just how many different industries are there on the branch that are served by rail, and what is the dominant industry/destination?

Amateur Fettler said...

Thanks to Soren Low, This is a list of sidings circa 983:

WTT - 1983
0.00 - Wanganui
0.21 - Wanganui Junction Points
0.90 - F C D C Newton King Siding
2.10 - Wrightson NMA Grain Siding
2.29 - Dalgety NZ No. 2 Store
2.84 - Waitaki N Z Refrigerating Co Ltd
3.50 - Farmers Co-op Wools Lted No.1 Sdg
3.78 - A J Hollinders (NZ) Ltd Sdg
4.37 - Wrightson NMA Wool Siding
4.73 - Wanganui Trawlers Ltd Siding
4.92 - Wanganui Wool Dumpers Ltd Siding
5.14 - J B Gilberd & Son Siding
5.31 - Dalgety NZ Ltd No.1 Store Siding
5.56 - Harbour Board Victory Shed
5.68 - Caltex Oil Siding
5.76 - Shell Oil Siding
5.78 - Golden Bay Cement Siding

And circa 2001:

WTT - 2001
0.00 Wanganui

1.16 Castlecliff Line Begins

2.84 MWCAF AFFCo Siding
3.50 MWCFW Farmers Ltd No. 1 Siding
3.78 MWCHO A J Hollinders Siding
4.37 MWCWR Wrightson NMA Siding
4.52 MWCWT Wanganui Trawlers Siding
4.68 Tramel Holdings Siding

5.31 Elders Siding
5.56 Harbour Board Victory Shed
5.78 Golden Bay Cement Siding
5.88 MWCPW Castlecliff

Obviously the number is a lot lower now, but it would be easier to believe that the full set of sidings were still served to generate tons of traffic and shunting opportunities.

Magikan said...
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Magikan said...
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Anonymous said...

Attempted to map these places with varying degrees of success:
Download the Wanganui Branch file.
(Only 5 years ago Google had coverage so sharp you could count the sleepers, but this is no longer available)