Wednesday, July 03, 2013

....Lost Control (Again)....

(Ian Curtis RIP)

 Am_Fet writes:

Way back in the dim dark past (actually here), I wrote about the idea of taking a layout "Off Grid" by relying on battery power to run the toy choo-choos.

 Its an idea that still intrigues, so today I started doing something about it. Cabbage had previously provided me with a circuit:


Today I found myself coming back from the Safety Shop in Petone (I was eligible for a whole swag of work clothes...after 9 years with KiwiRail who knew!) and decided to drop into our comms workshop in Kaiwhara to gently loot their electronics drawers (now mostly redundant).

5 minutes later (and a call to the Cabbage Support Customer Care Line) a wandered away with my little grab bag of bits.

Here I've got a 5K pot (a double one here, but thats fine), 2 LM338 Voltage Regulators, a tape of 1K resistors and a collection of knobs.  Next to source will be a DPDT switch for reversing and things will be ready for the next build night.

(BTW, the pot came from a draw labelled "Bow Thruster Sensor Relays" if an Interislander ferry hits anything, I know nothing!)

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beaka said...

wow! all i need is a truck and a hand truck to collect those drawers!