Friday, May 25, 2012


Any takers asks Cabbage...?

Have been working with a local Wellington Jeweller who has a wax RP printer with 0.0254mm resolution
The first thing I decided to try making was a wheel for the Druff's K/J/Ab project. I had tried this through shapeways in Ultra fine frosted detail but was somewhat disappointed with the result. So it was time to try something else, the wax printer makes a master that can be cast directly, only problem is each wax costs $30, but once cast the brass is good enough to use as the master
We tried the same design I had sent to Shapeways but the spruing and how to turn the final wheel were still unproven and looking difficult. My Jeweller suggested we sprue the wheel from the front hub and this is the final design.
The plan now is to send this back to Morris and Watson as a master for casting in bulk (well maybe 10 at a time as I'll need two tyres of practice to get eight good ones)
The front

The castings is designed to be held by the big sprue on the front to turn the axle then held by the axle to turn the tyre and clean up the front

The rear

The tyre profile is to be NRMA but I still have to figure out how to do this.


sxytrain said...

If it works out, you can then do a 14 spoke for Ka's.

CaptainCarbon said...


Motorised Dandruff said...

According to my notes, the 14 spoked wheels were the main driver for the A class, and the J series. looking at photos its hard to pick the difference.
The counterweights will be added as an etch tocover all the 4'6" wheels.

Anonymous said...

Are the side rods, boiler, and cab being done as a brass etch?

Cabbage said...

The chassis and the side rods with definitely be etched
Boiler may be RP and the cab probably etched or knowing the head druff scratched

ben scaro said...

what dia is the wheel?