Wednesday, May 02, 2012

A long walk

On Sunday morning, courtesy of the Woodville lions club, the lady of the house and myself walked the railway line through the Manawatu gorge. This is an annual event for charity. One simply parks ones car at the Ashhurst domain, and is bussed to the far end of the gorge where one simply walks back to the car, all 8km of it (did I say you have to pay for this as well?).

'Starting out, at least its going to be all flat isn't it.'

'Further along, and how far do we have to walk again?'

'An interesting bridge, and time for a toilet stop in a semi public place underneath...'

'Do Dl's still need water?'

'What, there's still more of it?'

'The slip'

'Chased by old people. Maybe there's chocolate biccies at the rest home for afternoon tea?'

'Almost there, just a tatty bridge to cross first'.

This was a good morning out, though I suspect that I will be paying for it this week, both physically and brownie points wise. Walking any distance on sleepers and ballast is not easy and you don't get much chance to look round as there is a constant stream of people behind you. And whoever turned down the Marines off to build a proper road through there in 1942 should be dug up and shot. Most of the way its just hanging off the cliff face, where its not buried under tonnes of shingle.


0-4-4-0T said...

The F class loco based in Palmerston North has needed those water tanks in the past when on excursions. It's good to see such important facilties being maintained in the modern era.

Anonymous said...

Good pics. That's a lot of slip they've cleared already. Great stuff. So hopefully before long the Pahiatua Track will revert to the excellent motorcycle commute over to Massey rather than the truck slalom it is at present.


Electronic Kiwi said...

You obviously needed a couple of these....

Anonymous said...

now you're talking. That is what I need. Imagine the savings, and the thrills on entering the tunnels...