Thursday, May 10, 2012

Mid week

Bit of a slow patch here. I can't seem to find my modeling mojo at the moment. the last week has been confined to building up an etched J underframe, painting some ww2 Russian cavalry, and starting some scenic work on the main street of Paekakariki.

This was a piece of thick card that I shaped and then glued 800 wet and dry sandpaper to it. It was then sanded. I need to sort the colour out, but the texture is about right.

I've got a stack of ideas of track plans for the freemo layout, but have yet to commit these to paper, and do wonder if there is any interest out there in the 'penny dreadfuls'.


Amateur Fettler said...

When was the last time those Ed's actually moved? They seem to have taken up residence on that backshunt in most photos....

0-4-4-0T said...

I'm happy to reassure visitors to this Blog that the Ed's moved up and down Paekakariki many times during the recent Convention.

There are other people contemplating different possibilities for layouts on MMW modules. I hope to take some photos of an area I'm thinking about - when the weather clears, which it doesn't look like any time soon.

Presentable modules by very young modellers shouldn't be ruled out, perhaps with a suitable note on the front to advise viewers that it wasn't built by an adult. These are likely to be quite simple compared to what the Head Druff creates, particularly in regard to trackwork.

Anonymous said...

How is that roadway supported underneath? Is it just curved cardboard over an empty space?

Motorised Dandruff said...

The road is a piece of thick card that was carved and sanded to shape. it is glued flat on to the base board.

I'm now off to move the Ed's as its obviously offending the locals having such eyesores parked there. Given that there are currently no houses located anywhere in the area, the complaints are a bit odd.