Saturday, May 12, 2012

Pushing the limits

In thhe 'how far can you go' section, heres the latest from Cabbage Industries.

As the photo says they are the type 97 bogie. Mark has really pushed the envelope here, as the etching is thinnr than anything else I've seen. I have a pair sitting on my bench which I'll have a look at this weekend.

here is Marks crack at them...

'Lost more than one of the axle boxes and I have no carpet'

I still have to sort out just how the spacer goes together, and then have to find a wagon to put them under.


Anonymous said...

That is watchmaking indeed. Time for a hotplate or RSU and solder paste I fear.


ben scaro said...

what is the wheelbase of these, please ?

Motorised Dandruff said...

11.25mm (from my rough ruler)

ben scaro said...

thank you.