Saturday, September 11, 2010

Hutt in a Box revisited

DB, in this picture-laden post thanks Amateur Metaller: with his and KiwiRail's help, we were able to visit Hutt Shops last week in the hope of bringing you some pictures that I couldn't in the previous edition of this topic.

So, without further ado, here is the main assembly hall, with wagon bogies in the foreground, loco bogies being overhauled behind that and locos at the far distance:

Off to the left, out of shot, there are sections for wheels, fabrication (new cabs, sandboxes, fuel tanks) etc. Outside this building, DC4939 takes a stroll off the traverser in her new MAXX livery: Ably assisted by the gorgeous wee Drewry TR (although I'm not sure which of the locos was doing the assisting here):

Back inside, the finishing touches were being put on DX5333 before she returns down south:
Lads in their Shed:
Everywhere you went, it was clear that the guys take a real pride in their work. As the DXB program comes to a close and the Chinese DLs begin to arrive, I wonder what is next for Hutt. Obviously it is the loco rebuilding place, and I guess the rest of the DFTs will cycle through for overhauls and the Brightstar treatment.

And you thought wiring up DCC decoders was tough...

A few MD scoops:

After some new paint, derailment-repaired DQ 6347 will shortly blast out of the Battlestar Galactica launch tubes and back into service:

It will be interesting to see what happens to the numerically small DQ class after the DLs arrive too. Maybe they'll be sold off to join their brothers in Tasmania. Here's another surprise,the singular DAR loco, 517, has made it inside for some work: EF 30186 arrives at Hutt, joining 30065, which is already in one of the big halls:A very smart new livery for the Ganz's

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beaka said...

congratulations guys. some great shots. i am very impressed with the shot of the loco engine.last year on "dirty Jobs" on sky, they went into a loco facility and dismantled an engine and overhauled it as well as the loco and chassis. gave an insight into what goes on behind the walls, although on a different budget to Hutt.fascinating stuff!

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