Thursday, July 08, 2010

Thats why they call it the Blues...

An on-holiday Am_Fet writes:

Again, I find myself chasing trains around Sth Canterbury while letting the offspring systematicaly dismantle Grandad and Nana Druffs house. This morning saw me and the boy out in Nana Druffs red sportscar to see trains 920D and 923 cross in the Timaru yard.

Not much to report on that front, just about every train I see these days seems to have 7117 or 7199 on the front (and so it proved again today). However, holed up at the old car and wagon depot was this:

DX5483 is now the last DX in Blue since 5310 (with its funky long hood) was sent to Hutt shops, and was sitting here after stopping suddenly while on the head on 922 at Temuka last night. We had seen it leaving Dunedin earlier in the day (with a cloud of smoke as it crossed Blanket Bay) in attendance with DC4133, which is one of the few fruit salad DC's still in existance.

So where to now for 5483? Could it be time for KR now its KO'd??

Watch this space.....


manaia said...

Any chance of a replie to my recent question ?
regards Manaia

Am Fet said...

The simple answer to the question posed is "Yes, it is possible, but...."

I was speaking to Magikan on the train last night and he let slip that he hadnt even looked at CAD for 4 weeks, let alone had the chance to do any modelling. And I'm pretty much the same. So time is the major factor. The other is the fact that neither of us actually want to model in HO ourselves at this point in time, so there isnt the motivation to change the existing drawings (and they do need to be changed, as suddenly the styrene thickness and slots dont marry up when the drawings are blown up by the factor of 1.379. I did start playing around with the nearly-soon-to-be-released ZH drawing, and it all just got too hard for the limited amount of time I had). At the moment we dont even have time to do anything for ourselves, let alone doing "bespoke" drawings for others.

That doesnt mean that the situation wont change, just that I cant see anything happening for the rest of this year.

It also doesnt preclude anyone else picking up the published drawings and running with them, in fact I would welcome it. And if it helps foster the small HO NZ community, then all well and good.