Thursday, July 01, 2010


Well, the posts quality from Nelson is on a downhill slide. My workbench is awash with 1/2 finished projects (all with some form of impediment towards their completion.
So, tonight, here are a few questions;
-Where are the Journal and the Railfan for last month?
-Given that the government can spend 2 billion dollars on another expensive cross town carpark in Auckland, why does everyone get up in arms at spending 1/2 that on the entire railway system that has been run into the ground over the last 15 years.
-How does one order items from Robin Knight on the internet? Or do I need to find a pen and paper, and remember how to manage without a spell checker?
-Whats on everyone else's work bench then?


greg said...

In response to your pertinent questions:
1.(a) Guild Journal is at printers - expected out next week or two - don't forget to renew your sub prior to October 1 to save the GST impost - newstand price will go up too.
(b) presume Railfan delayed due to Reid's medical wobbly a while back.

2. because they are the 'gubbermint" and listen to the most strident lobbies, and rail has none.

3. suggest you email order to Robin (don't think he is on internet) address is and save on your paper & ink.

4. a pretty neat little injection moulded 4 wheel PO 2mm coal wagon ex Mathieson Models in the UK with its body, axleboxes moulded as one, and with transparent couplers so you can see they are overscale, plus some rather spiffy spoked wheelsets with suitably fine scale pedigree - i.e not GF/Dundas

Kevin Prince said...

1 Railfan arrived with Mr Knight yesterday.
2 Beats me
3 One doesn't - Mr Knight believes it to be the work of the devil. You can phone him though and he only bites sometimes.
4 Airfix Landrover

Michael said...

I have a micro layout on my work bench. Just planning at this stage using templates. Hope to start cutting the MDF on Sunday.

Motorised Dandruff said...

yes, I now have a copy of railfan. not overly exciting this time round. however it does have some good pictures of the Westport wharf and Dobson cola bins.

Anonymous said...

Working on resurrecting the NZ120 Manawatu Gorge modules after being in storage for 12 months. They now have a location where the complete series of 6 modules can be left set up for running as desired - luxury!
Modules are 4 of 1200 x 300, 2 of 1700 x 900 end reverse loops.

sxytrain said...

Have been continually been putting bearings into sideframes of kits.
Had a week on the beach in Oz.
Been working on the club n scale nzr layout for Taupo show next weekend 10/11 July.
Planning new kits for later this year. Otherwise not much!

Magikan said...

Half built DFT,
2 half built J sheep wagons,
3 half built IC's.
Basic CAD work for the rebuilt GT
and a few other CAD files in progress.
Guess I should actually get something finished...

Kiwibonds said...

2 sticky AO cars. Damn expired resin...

Andrew Hamblyn said...

Pass, dont buy either.
There is nobody in power that cares about trains in this country.
There are 157 Knights in the Christchurch phonebook..
Been looking after my wonderfull wife following her back surgery.
Going back to my roots with a super detailed HO SW1500 thats waiting for me to paint it.....

Kiwibonds said...

Does the 157 include Sir Richard Hadlee?

Kev said...

But Andrew - if you bought the journal then you'd see his advert and the clue to which phone number to use is in there! Also there will be far fewer than 157 Knights in the book whose initial is R.