Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ups and downs on roundy rounds

(Man its hard to make up titles since others have set the bar so high)

Planning for the Ka/ja project mech continues slowly and mostly in my head.

On the up side, I've been talking with Henk Oversloot who works in N gauge fine scale using the 2mm association parts. He had been making wheel centers from laser cut card soaked in superglue, which produced very nice results.

However he has sent me pictures of RP centers in plastic, which look remarkably similar materials wise to Kiwibonds Dx sidframes.

It also gives a choice in moving forward to go to either a split frame or dead frame chassis (and I do lean towards the split frame. Wires rubbing on the back of wheels is OK in the larger scales, but we get to a point in TT where friction does begin to become an issue).

On the down side. I grabbed out some of the Kato/Atlas bits that I'm planning to use as the drive train. I started with 2 pints at 12.5mm spacings, and then cut the muffs off 2 geared axles (SD-9 wheels I think). I then dropped an idler gear in.

Hmm, they don't mesh. Hang on, the SD-70 gear sets were bigger. Hmm, marginally better, but still no meshing. I then had a look at how the kato SD40-2 bogie (with 5' wheel spacings) does it. I can't get a photo but trust me there are a stack of tiny gears in the drive train which I doubt would survive transplantation into another mechanism.
(Sorry the picture is crap, I had 1/2 a dozen goes at this and this was as good as it got)

So a plus and a minus. More planing/thinking required.

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