Thursday, February 11, 2010


It seems that my blog title is no longer correct. Welcome to Earwickers layout building blog.

A comment here by Mr Trackgang has also prompted some thought. While I currently own 2 Da's, and despite the fact that they are the one of the ugliest things ever to run in this country, my long term plans call for a phase 3 version. Hence when it was reported that Andrew Wells does not have many of these kits left, I was slightly concerned. Should I put some projects back a bit to buy a kit, only tom salt it away as its not on my medium term plans, or hopefully pick up one of the hoards of unmade ones in a couple of years time? That raises the further question of just how many unmade Da's are sitting in draws around the world, waiting to see the light of day?

I'm leaning towards the latter currently, simply because I would need to do some conversion work on the etch to convert it to a phase 3, and my brass soldering is not that crash hot. And I have that many other projects to direct/waste money on that I can't afford another at the moment.


RKBL said...

I know I have one Da nad Dc unmade at the momnet as my soldering skills are non excistant,I would like to buy three more Dc's but like you my project money is are accounted for on other things.

MaverickNZ said...

Hopefully its not the end of DCs being avaliable. Once I started sorted finances out and started building a layout I was planning on getting a few DCs.

Earwicker said...

I didn't intend to falsify your blog title! :D Hopefully I can follow your own pioneering example in this blog.


Woodsworks said...

This is a topic near and dear to my heart. Unfortunately, the Cottage Industry (batch-production) nature of this scale means we often have to grab the stuff while it is available, and perhaps do some horse-trading later when actual requirements change/become clear. That's why networking is so important, and why potential converts to the scale have a hard time deciding whether to jump in or not.

To have kits continuously available as TrackGang is doing is of inestimable value with respect to advancing the scale. As much as the 9mm scale crowd would like to have us believe otherwise, they are suffering for lack of easy access to complete kits.