Monday, February 15, 2010

Standing back a bit

Sorry for no Sunday post. I was busy doing family things, with various inlaws visiting from the western island.

last weekend the lady of the house and I set off on an expedition into the wilds of driest Marlborough, driving the Molesworth road from Blenheim to Hanmer Springs. 3 words describe it; track, goat and fecking. Its a long drive (5 hrs) on 150Km of dirt roads.

While there was a complete lack of trains, I came across one location that gave me some ideas.

OK, so you might have to stand back 10' to get the whole effect, if you focus in on the farm buildings, they seem (to me in the heat) quite reminisant of a NZR branchlinse station in central otago or northern southland. Ihe scene combines some qualities that I would really love to include in a model (like the rock outcrops just behind the buildings), but possibly taking up less real estate.


lalover said...

Wonice backscene as well.

lalover said...

Hmm slurred writing, with no alcohol involved!

I meant would make a nice backdrop!!!

Anonymous said...

Molesworth branch line, still no alcohole involved?