Thursday, July 05, 2012

A minimo idea.

I've been doing some reading recently about trams in New Zealand. Not sure why, just something that has taken my fancy. Anyhoo, I came across this in 'From Rails to Rubber' pg 83 apparently showing the Parnell road bridge. Google maps is no help here for a better location.

This looks an interesting scene with an interesting mix of features. I immediately thought of doing a Y junction model with a back shunt for shunting.

On another note, its a week to Rail-x in Palmerston North. I'm slated to help with the Wellington 9mm layout, but I suspect I'll be 'floating' in the hall doing whatever, when I'm not showing the large scale guys how to run a layout properly :v)

Who else is planning to be there, apart from the usual suspects (Mr Trackgang will be there as well, possibly with his new layout?). I'm not sure if MMW is making the trip north, as I'd be rebuilding the track on the Waihao Downs layout if Kai-iwi was there.


Anonymous said...

One would be 99.99% certain that the tram photo is at Newmarket, with the NAL in the foreground (having grown up thereabouts and all).

Anonymous said...

I'm with anon - You'd be standing in a carpark or a shop now looking towards Newmarket backshunt with the baths and cinema to your left.


lalover said...

Aramaho had a similar layout

Anonymous said...

The private siding wot the kettle's on used to carry on over Kingdon St into the Lion brewery (purveyors of crap to the tasteless). Also on the other side of Kingdon St there was a private siding going off to the left into Abels, with a regular traffic in bulk tallow wagons. There was also a really excellent old shed in Kingdon St alongside the line begging to be modelled.


Attila the Editor

Anonymous said...

Wonderful photo. Imagine the coal smoke in the tram... all the ladies complaining, and a litle boy like me getting hooked on the evocative smells that formed a railway enthusiast's childhood... it's a drug.

When I was a kid and we went back to my birthplace Greymouth every holidays to stay with the rels away back in the 60's; I used to take my grandad's bike in the early morning and ride down to the Elmer Lane roundhouse to watch the locos. I just loved that smell of coal smoke through the town. Bugger climate change I miss it.


sxytrain said...

Trackgang will be there with the bigger scale layout, and we have a sales table where nz120 kits will be on sale.