Monday, July 23, 2012

Better the second time around?

I didn't make it to paekakariki. a few too many other things to do

I did make it out to the shed for a bit. More fixing the track between the module joins.
I swapped from PVA to No more nails. This is very messy, but sets quicker in cold temperatures and should provide a stronger bond to the track.

It looks like a dogs dinner but it should hold.

And just as a addition to the scenes. I can't find photos taken from close to this spot, but there must be some out there. Probably buried in an NZRLS box.

I'm now looking at the track and thinking just how huge code 55 looks. Still, I'm not tempted to change things now.


beaka said...

I'm just looking at my layout and thinking how small code 55 looks next to my code 80 in the yards, but i'm not going to change it now, or ever!

Anonymous said...

I was very impressed when I saw your trackwork, looks fine to me.