Monday, July 16, 2012

Rail-X wrap up

So, after 2 days of rail-X I should put finger to key and record my thinking's.

Overall I had a good weekend. I had a chance to chat to a few people, play some trains and brought a few useful items.

Sunday confirmed that I'm modeling in the right scale. I had a hour shunting which was fun. However it still was not as good as I think that I could manage. I now do not believe that working NZR couplers in NZ120 are physically of usefully feasible. They are barely workable for shunting in 9mm and too fiddly. Pickup on as many wheel as possible is almost mandatory regardless of scale.

I was also impressed about the interest in NZ120 over the weekend. Several larger scale modelers expressed interest, and one even purchased some kits. The flip side is that I'm having some competition on building a logging layout.
I am also not sure if a round and round layout is a good choice. On Saturday afternoon, I was put in charge of one of the loops. in 5 minutes I was bored out of my mind. its convenient, but not much fun. I'm not sure what the answer is, but this isn't it.

The plus at the moment is that I feel rather invigorated and will get back into modeling this week. not sure where I'll start, but I can decide that when I get to the shed.


sxytrain said...

Great catchup over the weekend. Agree roundy-roundy gets boring but it keeps the public engaged (most of the time). Awesome variety of layouts on display. A show everyone should put on their calender to attend. My even see some nz120 next time!

Anonymous said...

... so if shunting is too awkward to be feasible (which rules out operting termini) and operating loops or going round and round is too boring, what does that leave ... static displays?

Motorised Dandruff said...

If you re-read the post the statment was that I think NZR couplers are not suitable for shunting. There are plenty of other delayed action options (microtrains, DG, alex jackson etc)

Anonymous said...

You had me quite stumped. Frankton junction in the 1940s would be the ultimate layout then to operate - with those fancy coupler systems you refer to. There are so many branch and trunk lines that converge it would allow many kinds of trains to be run and as much shunting as desired! :-)

Cabbage said...

We find the roundy layout works well to entertain the punters but yes can be rather boring
That is why it is only the draw card have a nice simple roundy that you can sometime change the trains on and just leave it running itself
Then sit down and do some interesting stuff like modelling or just talking with the punters
A double track roundy like the Hamilton model railway club is probably the best as you can have 2 or 3 trains on each track
That is the problem with shows it more about keeping thing happening than about shunting problems