Sunday, July 22, 2012

Modeling saturday

So, what happened?

First up, I decided to run a few errands in palmy. This got nailed by everywhere I wanted to go not being open till 10 or 10:30. Finally got everything done, then though I should pick up some cheese and crackers for the visitors. Its amazing how when you are in a hurry everyone else slows down.

Finally got home at 11ish to find Drew leaving as I wasn't at home. not sure what the neighbours thing about lots of car horn but it did attract his attention. A surprise visitor was Cabbage who was allowed out for the day. A call from Am fet and mike revealed that they were just passing paekakariki, and there was an open day and they might not make it.

Drew had brought a little German, and in no time this was up and running.

It is quite nice to look at, and I can see the attractions. Its also a good target for Nerf guns. Am fets defence that 'I'm more use to human targets' is just an excuse for the American style 'blaze away with enough shots and we'll hit something' ( I hit first time, then commented 'so its not overly hard then?).

Micheal had brought along his NZ120 minimo module. its the first one I have seen in the flesh, and its surpassed my expectations for the initial idea already. I had wondered if 20cm was deep enough to model 3D terrain. I'm pleased to report that it is.

I finally managed to get out into the shed and continue the rebuilding of my baseboard joins.
I inserted all the PCB sleepers that I could fit, and then applied the glue. The Eds ran over it without any rocking which hopefully will still be the case when it is complete.

Buoyed by this success I charged off and cut up the tracks on the second module join.

Its not overly pretty but it should work.

Sunday I'm off to Paekakariki to do some photographing.


beaka said...

seriously!!Are you kidding! bare feet and shorts at this time of! At least it looks sunny.

Amateur Fettler said...

Thats standard Cabbage wear, year in year out. At least he has steel capped toes, essentially when there are falling soldering irons about.

Andrew Hamblyn said...

Dont mention the pastries though....
Was a fine day out, refreshing and inspiring to boot. Now I just have to figure out what to do with a couple of slabs of slightly singed plywood.

Anonymous said...

I was in Wellington this weekend so couldn't make it unfortunately. So I'm looking forward to the next one!


Motorised Dandruff said...

Drew, I thought that was our secret, and we were going to blame Cabbage anyway. Opps....

Amateur Fettler said...

Pastries? There were Pastries???

Cabbage said...

Mmmmm... Pastries and they were good too. But I made sure the last two were gone that way you and Michael wouldn't feel left out

As for the shorts and bare feet

I blame global warming

beaka said...

maybe the global warming is the result of gas emissions from your shorts.

Cabbage said...

Hmmmm..... Yes
There has been some rather large holes appearing in them lately.

Will have to take action maybe speedos will be better attire

Motorised Dandruff said...

Gentlemen, this is a family blog!
(happy place happy place happy place...)