Saturday, June 30, 2012

Saturday morning

Or, the only post this week...

Modeling mojo is still missing in action, but I think its still there somewhere. Looking forward to the local railex show with may well reinvigorate the modeling juices.

For a link today, its not NZR, but the modeling is just stunning.

Its on my bucket list.


sxytrain said...

Nice detail.

Anonymous said...

Beautiful work. The Model Railway Journal introduced me to this scene.

I bought a wonderful book secondhand for a few pounds a couple of months ago off Alibris books (or Abe), 'Cottage modelling for Pendon' by Chris Pilton detailing his methods. There are several copies listed.

He follows Roye England's style; no plasticard or airbrush, the method is all cardboard and watercolour.