Saturday, June 16, 2012

Saturday Morning

Just looking for my modeling mojo it seems to be missing in action.

What I think is needed is a bit of a challenge, coupled to a deadline. So, yesterday in the mail I get both.
RailX this year is on the 27th and 28th of October at the Lower Hutt town hall/horticultural hall. I think its been nominally decided to debut the MMW freemo modules at this show, so time to get the thinking hat on and actually do some work. At the moment I'm leaning towards a bush tram to use all the small toys I've been playing with. a main line siding off to a sawmill, with the tram running on a separate circuit. I'll have to get the paper out to play with some track plans. It might even fit in a mini.

Another reason to aim for this show is that in 1993 in the same location was debuted the fledgling parts of 'Somewhere between Otaki and Cass'. I think that this probably just extended to the rolling stock and track, but hell, you have to start somewhere.

'My bit wasn't worth photographing....really'

Now, if I can just resist the temptation of GWR broad gauge books, and more war gaming stuff, I'll be fine....

(Is that sufficiently refocused for everyone?)


beaka said...

wow! have never seen that photo of the old layout.nice to see the DG at front.any more shots hidden away that we have missed?
at least with a micro layout u might be allowed to work on it inside, instead of the friggin cold man cave.

Rab said...

And yes, working inside is preferable (I see its 1C outside at the moment, and its 11 AM)

Anonymous said...

its c-c-c-cold and that tends to diminish mojos. So I'm using my biggest soldering iron for warmth.

And yes, rebuilding my layout in small portable sections means I'll be able to work on them in da house...