Saturday, June 02, 2012

Saturday morning

Well, another week, and sod all modeling done. I managed to paint a few 2mm scale figures one night, but that's been about it. I have done a trade (cheers John) of some PCB sleepers for wooden sleepers from Woodsworks so there might be some more track work in the not too distantfuture.
This weekend the lady of the house and I are off on a break to Napier, which will involve a fair bit of wine and food tasting.

I must also make a start on the freemo modules I've been kicking round in my head. I'm aiming for a shunting style layout that fits on the top of a bookcase.

As an additional idea, here is something that was sent to me by Woodsworks over a year ago, but I've not posted it before. I've never seen a track formation like this before.

The point leading to this is just behind the photographer.

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