Sunday, April 11, 2010

Why I does what I do....

Am_Fet writes:

On a previous comments board, ECMT opined:

"I still reckon to do away with free file downloads. It's a great thing that some guys have done in allowing the files to be downloaded, but where is the appreciation for it ?"

So why have I loaded up some files for free download to all and sundry? I dont think I really know...but this is as close as I could get after some self analysis:

- I want to be able to say " I dont care about the money, its all about the scale, stupid!". And I want people to share that value.

- I want to fight back at the greediness apparent in some other scales in regards to pricing. Obviously I'm not talking about Russell and Trackgang (loving your work, Russell!) but when I was modelling in that other scale it worried me the prices people were paying for stuff that wasnt even very good! Sure, there are some really nice kits out there and I would gladly pay for quality. Others I'm horrified with....

- I want to encourage people to make things. And despite all the protestations I keep hearing, Brass is not the way to introduce people to the hobby. Although you may be able to solder gnats whiskers to a mosquito probiscus with no overrun, soldering scares the bejesus out of the rest of humanity. Give them a plastic or wood kit to get them started, then move them gently onto brass when they are ready.

- I want to encourage people to start becoming producers themselves. That way, we all benefit. If someone can look at my drawings and use them as a basis for their own work, even better. Annoyed that something isnt available? Produce it yourself! Odds are others are annoyed as well, and you'll learn something to boot (The actual price of production if nothing else).

- Again, following on from the above, I want our scale to more resemble a Bazaar (with lots of communication, selling, buying, co-operation and haggling) rather than a Cathedral (where those up the front tell us in the pews the rules that we must follow).

- And yes, I probably did it for a little vanity as well (And there aint nothing wrong with that).

Will there be more drawings released? Probably. Cant say when, but probably.


sxytrain said...

Of interest was the number of enquiries about RTR models being avaliable, at convention. Is it that more modelers aren't 'builders' as such, and therefore wait until someone will do it for them?
As for the reluctance to solder kits together, I do believe the biggest fear is melting the kit, but as I demonstrated at a get together in Rotorua 3 weeks ago, at low temp. there is minimal risk of this happening. I had 3 people (of 7)invest in the tools required to low melt solder, after my demo, and a practical hands on. Maybe it should have been on the convention clinics!

RKBL said...

I have the tools but still haven't been keen to solder, last time I solder too pieces of metal togther was when I as in Intermediate school, that a was over 20 years ago.

ECMT said...

I agree with all the points you've made in support of downloads/free files Amfet. But, as Russ found out at the convention, more punters wanted RTR models. Maybe the target market in this country is too small, or made up of ex - N modellers that are used to everything being available off the shelf. NZ120 is largely a kit/scratchbuild scale, and I can't see that changing anytime soon.

I like your "Bazaar v Cathedral" analogy. I'd love to see the forum inundated with pics of models produced from your (and others) files.

Apologies to any offended by my postings.

Amateur Fettler said...

No offence taken, ECMT...I've often thought of writing a blog piece about my thinking around the whole "open Source" idea, and your comment gave me the perfect lead-in.

Unfortunately I cant take credit for the "Cathedral vs The Bazaar" anaology, that belongs to American Open Source champion Eric Raymond...but it is so apt it seemed a shame not to use it.

Kevin Prince said...

RKLB - if you have the tools then go ahead and try something. If it doesn't work first time then you have lost nothing. It's a sight easier to make a rigid, long-lasting vehicle with brass and solder than slaters (or evergreen) flatpack kits.

Whitemetal is fine too but confidence will take time.

Go for it

beaka said...

I have been using a soldering station for around 15yrs for soldering wiring and track,yet the thought of soldering a kit together had me getting the cold sweats!! sxytrain convinced me over several weeks to have a go and when i finally got up the nerve, i found it was not as hard as i thought. the feeling after i had soldered my first joint successfully was great. I had used my soldering station on its lowest setting for the kit, as I felt comfortable using it.
regarding RTR, I think the problem stems from manufacturers producing more RTR stuff(buildings,etc)as they see more sales and another untapped market.DCC is another area which has changed.initially you had to cut bits out of your chassis in n scale and fit the locos come with DCC fitted and sound! expectations have changed dramatically.
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