Monday, April 12, 2010

On tour pt I

At easter I got the chance to stop off at a few sites that I had wanted to visit. Tonight is Paekakariki. I dropped in on Saturday afternoon hoping someone might be around to let me have a look through the sheds. However despite there being several cars parked outside, there was no-one around. However, I took my camera just to check...

A couple of shots first. this is the south end of the station looking towards Wellington. This area will be the scenic break atthe Wellington end of the layout, and its quite well set up, with some big trees on the left and a double story building on the right. No 'vanishing into a hole in a bit of wood' for me, matey!

Looking the other way towards the engine shed. A closer inspection of the trackage reveals that most of it in the loco depot area has been relaid. Also a nice view of the Airrail shed and the relay building. As a final note, observe how steep the hillside behind is.

Looking back towards the station. Relay box again in the middle of the picture. the bolier on the left is one of the Wb ones I think.

Back down by the loco shed, the hillside on the other side of the track. again a good scenic block for this end of the layout.

70' Turntable. This at least is still in the same place, but the tracks have again been modified. however you can still make out where they were.

Finally the two water vats on site. Both to the same design. I think taht there was only ever one on site, but I could be wrong.

I also got a stack of other more detailed photos of various bits and pieces, but some are really not interesting at all.

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