Sunday, November 08, 2009

Group Therapy

Well, it was time for another group meeting Thursday night. Some discussions I slept through (rivet detail seems a tad over the top to me, but its a must have in S scale, and wheel quartering I can take or leave). I passed around my coupler casting, and the guys were impressed, though they don't believe that i don't use any sort of magnification. What they thought was a really cool idea was the model of Paekakariki that I had built, which did surprise me a bit. There was also a new to NZR modeler who came along who is interested in getting into NZ120 though he has mostly just repainted N scale stuff. He did however have a Dx assembled from one of the fabled Dunedin Zinc etches from the early 90's (i think by Robin Knight). Unfortunately it had been built on a Minitrix chassis with fixed couplers which just throw wagons off on tight corners.

For the 'no good dead goes unpunished' section, the chap who is hosting the next months meeting was heard muttering about getting his model of Waipara wired up in time. Some fool muttered 'I'm not working tomorrow' and that was it. So, Friday afternoon I spent several hours wiring tortoise point motors up and troubleshooting wiring. I also had the chance to inspect an S scale standard railcar and make some mental notes about building a TT version for myself.

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