Sunday, February 02, 2014


Gardening. Nothing more need be said.
I also fear I'm on the cusp of being an armchair modeler
On the odd occasion that I have been through der room, I've mostly pondered the possibilities of layouts. Here is a rough plan of the size and shape of the room.

There are 2 4' bookcases on the right and bottom walls, and the modeling desk in the bottom right corner. the left side could be used for a fiddle yard.
Now some of you will be thinking 'build a lifting section and have a roundy layout'. I just don't think it would be interesting enough (and my woodworking skills would not be up to it). My thinking is a terminal (of some sort) on the top wall, and a through station on the bottom wall. The plan is to build MMW modules and use 600mm as the minimum radius.

In another left field thought, I'm not planning to base it on any particular prototype, but use bits that I visually like.

Thoughts, gents?


Cabbage said...

Take the door off
Then make it a roundy

Motorised Dandruff said...

And I thought you were married....

beaka said...

you certainly wouldn't be alone as an armchair modeller, judging by the activity, or lack of,on NZ120 forum over the last month or so.
Modules are a great idea. I have connected my modular layout up as a roundy roundy at present to test locos with new decoder installs and wagon kits i have assembled.also been useful testing trains passing in different directions. should be easy enough to have a temp module or similar with basic track setup that clamps either side to existing modules and creates roundy roundy. I am no builder, but i designed my joiner unit with a folding centre leg and a couple of hinges, so i can lift it up out of the way and a small chain from roof of shed clips onto it to hold it up. When it drops down ,to help line it up, i fitted a sliding door bolt that goes into a hole in opposing module. I couldn't rely on my track lining up on a curve, so i just slide rail joiners off opposing track and pull out 2-3 track pins which leaves overhanging track still attached to lift section.phew! easier to do than write.

Canberra said...

If you use MMW modules, you can shuffle them around from time to time (re-order and rotate). A good idea. I'm not sure how a roundy can work, though. If the modules are all against the walls then fitting the last one in would require moving the room's walls out a bit to allow the MMW locking arrangements to get into place...