Sunday, February 23, 2014


With the inlaws visiting over the last week, there has been no time for modeling (but planty of time to dig up tree stumps etc).
As always I have been surfing the interwebs, and offer a few ideas for impiration. Oddly enough they are all from Timaru....
A K class loco posed in front of the Atlas grain and wool store. I imagine that the gentlemen in the doorways on the right do not have safety harnesses on....

A view out over Timaru harbour, taken from probably close to where the modern day port bypass comes off the main road. This gives me another idea (though I'm not sure how practical it is) to have a second (possibly smaller scale ) wharf in the background. the ships could be an issue as the sterns could be a very difficult shape to get right.
(The image came from here, which is a good source of pictures for postcards. Be warned that there is the occasional picture of a scantily clad lady reading a book.)

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Anonymous said...

And with more parents arriving tomorrow a modellers life is never his own! Think of the garden development tho. Competition class ! Druffsmum