Sunday, February 09, 2014

Sunday night

Answering questions from yesterday morning

What's the longest train you expect to run point to point? 
Will you have digital coupler locking and unlocking to make shunting easier?

Hmm, where to start, especially when I have not quite established a track plan.
I'm also not planning on modeling an actual location per say. This raises for me an interesting question in that if I base my layout on a location with adaptions to get things that I like included.
The flip side is that people will forever be telling me that I've got it wrong (which does get on my goat). As an example I'll offer up a very nice paper model of the TSS Earnslaw. Now I could build this model and use it on a layout, but the procession of people telling me 'oh, so its Kingston then' or 'thats in the wrong place' would just force me to start killing people.

Anyhoo, the envisaged train length is about 10-12 4 wheeled wagons (or there abouts). I could decide to run longer trains but then I would not be able to get the operational interest that I want.
I can only assume that you are talking about remote uncoupling. I can only see having this on the locos (if at all). There's probably not the space even for that under most of my locos.

And these are not really things I'm worried about until the initial track plan is in place. More about that later in the week. I must admit that my initial plan does break down well into MMW modules.


beaka said...

Have to agree re basing on location, Its your layout after all, so its up to you. I know my Picton layout is based on the location and that's all, so there will be a lot of modellers licence. As far as uncoupling goes, my idea was to have magnetic uncouplers between tracks at specific locations and while I may still do this, I have been enjoying the use of a Rix decoupler stick between wagons and locos fitted with magnetic couplers. I have seen a lot of this on videos of British model shows and its becoming very addictive at present. I can get up close and personal with the action. All I need is a decoder that can release Diesel or smoke fumes at the right moment. Not the smoke that spells the death toll of a decoder either.

Anonymous said...

Could a digital uncoupler be put in a Z wagon at one end of a rake and in the 30' guards van at the other end?

Motorised Dandruff said...

I guess, but you need 1 decoder for each end, and the rake is fixed.